From the President's house to the power plant, to almost all buildings on campus, Spirovents have contributed to efficient system performance across the campus.


Excerpts from a nationally published case history...


Neal Swarnes has been with the college for 27 years, starting in the facilities department in 1977 and taking the top spot as Director in 1994.  Through staff, consulting engineer, contractor and supplier teamwork, he has earned the reputation as a no nonsense director who keeps his campus under control.  So much so that even several audits by various energy service companies have yet to prove a savings beyond what he has done in house.  W.L. Cassell & Associates, Midwest Mechanical Contractors and Summers Associates, all based in Kansas City are part of that team.  Swarnes first ran into the Spirovent® air and dirt separators at a local conference of the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers, (APPA) where he has been active at all levels.  It was demonstrated and presented by Rick Summers, the local Spirotherm manufacturer’s rep.  Seeing it again at a regional conference, Swarnes decided to check out their references from an extensive list. 


The Spirovent made by Spirotherm, Inc. (Glendale Heights, IL) employs the patented Spirotube® coalescing / barrier medium that removes air and dirt from hot and chilled water systems at unprecedented efficiency.  Rick Summers worked with Swarnes to tackle Robertson Hall, a problem building on campus, as the first application.  Built in 1959, Robertson Hall houses the dining hall and approximately 150 students, making it Cottey’s largest residence hall.  The air and dirt in the system were causing a lot of problems including cavitation in the pumps. This resulted in very inefficient operation.  Within one week of installing the Spirovent, however, the problems were solved.  “The product certainly proved itself,” Swarnes states.  “It works effectively and we will continue down that path.”  The President’s house was another challenge. Built in 1903, it is one of the oldest historic homes in Nevada.  Swarnes explains, “We had been battling system problems forever and the Spirovent solved them.”  To date, there are several Spirovents installed with even more planned for the future. From standard and high velocity commercial units on the chilled water systems to a small residential model for the President’s heating system, Spirotherm has become part of Swarnes’ team to provide cost effective solutions for his campus.

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