Industry Leading Spirovent® Air Eliminator

The Spirovent® Air Eliminators, using our patented Spirotube® coalescing medium, “scrub” the air from the system fluid and allows it to break free in a low velocity, low turbulence removal chamber. Simple to install with a straight in-line full flow design.


Commercial series VSR and VHR units are fabricated steel and available from 2” through 36” pipe size and flows to over 30,000 GPM. Custom fabrication is available for special project requirements. For large high velocity (typically chlled water) systems the VHR Series is designed specifically for central plants and district heating or cooling systems where large volumes of water are being distributed.  All models rated for 150 psig at 270°F and with flanged connections (FA) are fabricated and stamped in accordance with ASME as standard.


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