Spirotrap® Dirt Separator

The Spirotrap® Dirt Separator, primarily applied in open condenser water systems, uses our patented Spirotube® medium to create a low velocity, low turbulence dirt separation chamber. Dirt and sediment is then able to break free of the flow path and fall to the bottom for blow down using the factory supplied ball valve.  Simple to install with a straight in-line full flow design, it eliminates the need for high maintenance sidestream filters.


Commercial series TDT, THT, TDN, and THN units are fabricated steel and available from 2” through 36” pipe size handling flows to over 30,000 GPM. Custom fabrication is available for special project requirements. For large high velocity (typically chilled water) systems the THT and THN Series are designed specifically for central plants and district systems where large volumes of water are being handled.


A user specified removable head is available on TDN and THN models for access to the Spirotube bundle for inspection or cleaning.


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