Spirovent® Air / Dirt Separator

The Spirovent® Dirt and Drain Air Eliminator / Dirt Separator uses our patented Spirotube® medium to "scrub” the air and dirt from the system fluid and creates two low velocity, low turbulence separation chambers. Simple to install with a straight in-line full flow design it is available in the VDR-M, VDT, and VHT “Dirt” model as a sealed vessel and the VDN and VHN “Drain” model that includes a removable head and tube sheet construction. This allows access to the Spirotube bundle for inspection or cleaning.  Two full flow functions in one cost effective product eliminates the need for a separate air separator and high maintenance side-stream filter.


Spirocombi Magnet

Junior VDR-M Series, in brass, are available from ¾" through 2" with a rotating universal connection that can be installed in horizontal or vertical piping and includes powerful magnets around the flow path to separate ferrous material.


The VDT, VHT, VDN, and VHN commercial series units are available in fabricated steel and range from 2” through 36” pipe size, handling flows to over 30,000 GPM. Custom fabrication is available for special project requirements. For large high velocity systems the VHT and VHN Series are designed specifically for central plants and district systems where large volumes of water are being distributed. 


All models rated 150 psig at 270°F.  Steel flanged connection models (FA) are fabricated and stamped in accordance with ASME as standard.


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